One-Day Search

RELAX. We actually make your apartment search SIMPLE.

Schedule to sit down with an experienced consultant. During your brief consultation a licensed real estate agent will discuss your needs. You'll see right away how your agent is working uniquely for you. Many of the largest firms in NYC employ agents and brokers that represent the interests other than your own. Even when you’ve hired the broker, you’ll find your broker pushing their own apartments, their own agenda and/or apartments over your budget. DiGiulio Group agents know that putting your interests first is key to building a trustful relationship.

DiGiulio Group will take the time to truly understand what you’re looking for. There’s a reason why 97% of our clients have had great experiences and find 85% apartments they love. You will see immediately that our agents are different. Working as a team, DiGiulio Group agents share resources, experience and work together to find our clients the apartments that work best for them. 80% of DiGiulio Group clients find their ideal new home during a One-Day Search after an in-person consultation.

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