Here's What to Expect

The process of finding an apartment can be overwhelming without help and direction. Here’s an online guide for student renters that outlines the process from start to finish. Read below to prepare and then contact a teammate to get started.


A teammate will contact you to arrange a date and time for a tour of apartments. The Digiulio Team specializes in a one-day search that's informative, enjoyable and easy.


Once scheduled, you will meet in office to discuss your needs and prepare a unique plan. This plan carefully analyzes your criteria and carefully selects the most ideal possible apartments.

Apartments are chosen in a logical order based on location, travel time, how well they meet your requirements and accessibility. Most of our clients find their home on the first day!


You will be accompanied by an experienced agent chosen based on their knowledge and experience in your preferred neighborhoods and apartment showings will start.


NYU Student Rentals typically show clients 3-5 apartments, but will be shown as many spaces necessary in order to comfortably make a decision.